Not what I had hoped it would be

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I HATED Scott. There was nothing appealing about him. He was a flat character with little backstory and lacked compelling inner monologue.

So Scott (aka lucky Scott--cheap writing) is interested in an older woman, but not just any older woman, a countess. He, an American, and she, a divorced countess, are the improbable pairing. There is a little bit of flirting that goes on in the beginning but it's so dry. Plus, Scott hooks up with other women because...?

The book also read like it took place way before the 1960's. I may just be ignorant of the times, but it didn't seem to be on point with the intended time. I think specifically Scott's narration seemed off for 1960.

I was really disappointed with this historical romance. Definitely not what I had hoped it would be.