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This is a part of my quest to go back through and hit all the old books in an effort to garner more points to use on free books. In so doing, I download a bunch of the excerpts, slap them on the nook, and then later, offline, read through them and make notes, only to come back here to write those up at a later point.
This one starts out with a lovely T.S. Elliot quote, however, the use of the quote is deceiving, suggesting that one might find comparable literature therein, when the reverse is the case. It's another historical fiction, slapdash written and badly done. It's got sexist female descriptions, comparable to the screenshots that crop up on the "Men Writing Women" twitter account - and these are bad enough to be worthy of inclusion. It's overburdened with unnecessary detail, highly hyperbolic, and there's weirdly timid and seeking writing, i.e. "probably the sister" - well, is she or isn't she - you're the damn author, you figure it out. All in all, it's pretty trash.