Kinda Blah

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I'm not sure what about this book didn't appeal to me. Was it the rich people with not real problems that I couldn't relate to? Was it that I just thought they were boring characters? I'm just not sure. The writing was great, the story just fell flat. Rich boy has parents who finally agree to "allow" him to study abroad, but only for one year or they won't pay. He already knows he doesn't plan to go home. On the boat ride over he falls in love at first sight with a Countess who is just a little older than him, and wouldn't you know she is infatuated with him to. Time passes, not much happens of significance, and it ends pretty much how you would imagine.

I'm ok with predictability but need some story or action or SOMETHING in the middle. So just 2 stars from me.

Thank you to Bookish first and the publisher for my copy.