Improbable Pairing

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An Improbable Pairing by Gary Dickinson

January 2019
Historical Fiction
Greenleaf Book
Rating: 3/5

I received a digital copy of this ARC in exchange for an unbiased review from NetGalley and Greenleaf Book.

“An Improbable Pairing is a historical romance that chronicles the enduring themes of a young man’s coming of age and the rebellious love of the mismatched.”

In Sept 1963, Scott Stoddard, an American graduate student, travels abroad to study in Geneva, Switzerland. En route via cruise ship, he meets many interesting people. He becomes fascinated with a glamorous older French divorcee who happens to be Countess de Robeve. When he arrives in Geneva, Scott finds himself mingling amongst socialites. It isn’t long before he is more engaged socially than academically much to the disappointment of his parents.

The story was initially entertaining but soon felt to drag with all the detailed descriptions of the elite lifestyle. The relationship that develops between Scott and Désirée, the Countess, never completely felt “real” to me. Of course, they are “an improbable pair” who encounter scrutiny and judgement when their affair becomes public.

Ultimately, I felt unsatisfied as I finished the book. It seemed to have me questioning the authenticity of the characters. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I thought I would.