super suspenseful read!

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woah! this book drew me in with the concept of an anonymous study (on ethics and morality, no less) where nothing is as it seems. obviously, my first thought was, "wouldn't it be ironic if the study were anything BUT ethical?"

and then i sped my way through the entire audiobook at 2x speed, and WOW i was not disappointed! the characters each have their own secrets, insecurities, and hidden motivations, and all of these clash once they eventually rise to the surface. i was a bit surprised by the fact that jessica continued participating in the study even as each "assignment" became increasingly bizarre and questionable.

all of the manipulation between the characters, as well as the exceedingly complicated relationship dynamics connecting them all in a convoluted and tangled jumble of lies and betrayals, eventually culminated in a fascinating psychological thriller that made for a very absorbing read!