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AN ANONYMOUS GIRL started out very slow. It was hard to get into until almost halfway through. Jessica is a make-up artist with a company called BeautyBuzz. She visits her clients at their home or office. Jess has a disabled sister that she helps her parents take care of financially. She sees a paper with an appointment for a psychological study paying $500 at a client’s home. Hoping the client will not show up for the appointment, Jessica goes instead. She becomes involved with the psychologist, Dr. Shields and her husband. Dr. Shields is not doing this study to further her work but for personal reasons. At first, Jessica does not know what Dr Shields is up to but quickly realizes that she has become entrapped in Dr. Shields web. Jessica cannot get out without using Dr. Shields own tricks. The book got more interesting toward the middle to the end. I would have given it a 3 1/2 if that had been an option. Quick read the first part to get on into the book. It is interesting at the end. Must find out how Dr. Shields and her husband get their payback.