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Another amazing page turner by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

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This is a book that captures life in NYC perfectly I love when a fab city plays such a role in a book it becomes an extra character in the book.

If you’ve been reading my blog you know how much I enjoy MPOV narrated stories. This one is narrated by Jessica a bueaty buzz consultant & Dr. Shields a respected well established psychologist.

The two stories merge early on when Jessica takes part in Dr. Shields study on ethics & mortality. Jessica who could use the extra money as any New Yorker knows hustling to get extra money is always something to go after living in an expensive city. However how she gets into the study to begin with is not so moral.

I found Dr. Shields moral code of conduct questions pretty fascinating. It was a very interesting way to get Jessica’s back story within her answers. I love how this book gets you to think about yourself while Jessica is taking the quiz.

I really enjoyed how the characters are flawed each in their own way, everyone has secrets. But its how far people are willing to go, what causes them to cross the line & go to far is what makes this such a good read.

Dr. Shields is quite an interesting character herself a seemingly perfect person with her success, money & status. She is quite the opposite of Jessica. How she gains Jessica’s trust for this study is a great page turning plot.