A fun original thriller!

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4.5 stars rounded up!

The dynamic duo Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen did not disappoint once again!

Jessica Farris is a makeup artist living in New York City struggling to make ends meet between work appointments and paying for her special needs sister's medical bills. When she overhears a client mention that she is unable to make it to a paid psychological study, she quickly goes in her place because the money is too good to pass up on. When a seemingly simple questionnaire on ethics and morality turns into a bigger opportunity with a more significant pay, she jumps on it not expecting to turn out the way it does.

This was a fun and original thriller! The main character Jess was believable and I truly felt scared for her. The chapters alternate between Jessica's and Dr Shield's perspectives and both were intriguing. I loved how Dr. Shield's chapters felt like I was reading anecdotal notes on a legal pad. I only took away half a star because I felt like there was this big build up on a ending and it just felt a little flat for me.