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Stepford Wives Meet C.S.I.

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It is readily apparent that the women who have gathered together in the book’s opening scene are more competitive than friendly, and their façade of perfection goes downhill quickly from there. Think ‘Stepford Wives’ meets CSI or 'American Greed' television show. Part of what makes this thriller mystery so scary is the true investigative reports of the black market for human organs and tissue. This book is also realistic in the various issues- social media stars, foster homes, an alcoholic mother, drug cartels, and serial killers.
Kim, a social media- star influencer, is not very likeable and continues to be even less so as the story progresses. In fact, a reader will be challenged to find any likeable character in this book. If you are easily upset by murder and gory details, then this book is not the one for you. Kim Loomis uses her business as a mortician for illegal gain and even seeks help from another evil female named Melody, a gun-for-hire who gains entry to people’s homes with her day job of cleaning houses. At times, the double lives of these characters seem more like a joke or parody of evil crime stories, but the same can be said about some of the unbelievable crimes reported in newspapers and magazines and television shows
The short chapters make this book very easy to read, and the book definitely kept my interest; at the same time, it’s not a book that I would tell my friends they can’t miss. I appreciate the opportunity to have an ARC from Bookish. This is my honest review in exchange for that advanced copy.