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Fantastic thriller

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This was terrifying, gruesome, and insane all wrapped up together. I did not want to put this book down at all, but at some points I was either so queasy with what was happening, or I had chills and got freaked out. Definitely had to stop reading this at night. American Homemaker, you guessed it, follows a young woman who is an American Homemaker, on the outside she is a perfect wife, a perfect friend, and a social media star. From the beginning chapter you would not expect this to be a thriller at all, but with every turn of the page it gets more horrifying and darker. This book follows Kim and takes you down a terrifying path of who she really is: a psychopath.

“The mask she usually wore of wholesome goodness had slipped, and Norman was staring at a monster.”

Let me tell you this book is so weird and creepy which made me love it so much more. Melody is our other main character of the story, she is a contract killer and let me tell you, she doesn’t mind blood and the gory details will undoubtedly have your stomach upset. You wouldn’t think these two women paths would cross, but they just might.

Along the way, we get lots of side characters stories… which to me made it all the more suspenseful. Somehow, John Kraine perfectly wraps up everything that went on into a perfect plot twist of an ending. I thought I was missing pages of the book because I just could not fathom how it ended.

This was a fantastic messed up book, that deserves 5 stars. I was shocked, frightened, and had literal goosebumps throughout the whole thing. The gruesome details of how people were killed was like no other. I can’t remember a book that I have read that actually made me stop reading just to catch my breath. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading this.