Loved this book filled with southern hospitality and friendship

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Full of southern hospitality, a story of love and friendships, along with a little mystery. Times are tough during World War II but a mixture of couples from different places converge onto Dolly's boardinghouse. Dolly turned her family home into a boardinghouse to help make the tax payments. Si, her husband, has added a rink and now a lake, to help get paying customers. A young couple from the Midwest, a war veteran suffering from injuries (both physical and mental), struggle to find their way but the house holds its own secrets. When tragedy comes to the property, the clues could lead Dolly, Si, and their tenants to solve the mystery. I loved this book! So full of southern hospitality and love. Took me back to growing up and sitting on the front porch with my grandparents. Wonderful memories and times. If you love sweetness and comfort in a book, this one is for you!