Am I At Home?

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They only have me 18 pages to read but you what a wonderful story I am sure this is! Being from the South myself felt right at home with the scenery of the house,the outside and with Dolly! The characters that we first met and the ones we haven't met yet seems to make up a variety of different personalities and for sure they do come out in the good old heat of the summer! Hope Anna finds what she is looking for and Dolly makes it out of the kitchen just think,no air conditioning,I really don't see how they made it back then. That lake her husband is building I would be in it all day long. Seems like Dolly has her hands full with her borders but at he time of the depression you had to do what you had to do just to make it work. They were really rich and really didn't know it,they had the rooms to rent out and they were still on their property and didn't lose it,have to move like so,so many had to do at this long period of time.Looks like a really good read!