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Shopping for dry goods with what’s above ...

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Well didn’t this sweet little novel start out with a unique premise! Caskets sold right up in town, come on over and we’ll stick a bright yellow tag and get this bad boy out to you today! I agree with Dolly, how creepy to be shopping and think that’s what is going on directly above your head! But, I suppose even during World War 2 , convenience is still everything ! Beats wasting the extra gas...

I feel like Dolly is already going to be my favorite character she seems quirky, sassy and I hope has a little bit of spunk. I’m afraid for any tragedy that might be on the horizon for her based on that brief synopsis. I don’t like to know too much going into a story, so I’m glad that the description is quite vague.

Historical fiction has never been one of my favorite genres until 2017/2018 when I began to read works from Christina Baker Kline, Jodi Picoult, Kristin Hannah and Jamie Ford. These days, I have SO much more appreciation AND interest for not only what actually happened but also the little stories that are created to fit between. If there’s any where that I’d like to be a fly on the wall, it’s during WWII.

I Would be honored to review this novel if I’m chosen =)