Confusing but not bad

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I liked the premise of this book with the inclusion of angels living among humans and a trial being held to decide if the fallen angels who had been sentenced and punished for 70 generations, deserved to be forgiven as well as their hybrid children who cannot die and eventually go mad. However I was given the chance to read and review this without having gotten the chance to peruse the first book and so was struggling to make sense of all the names and actions of Sam Young and the people he came in contact with. It is probably best to read Almost Mortal first.

Samson/Sam is an interesting character with an interesting ability that he uses to win cases that have impossible odds. So he is well fitted to take on this huge case, plus he has his own stake in it. This book was certainly very much a legal sort of thriller (since people did end up dying) and there was the big case at the end which took place before God's council that was very scripture based but I found it interesting.

Not a bad book but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I had gotten the chance to read the first book first.