A bit confusing

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Disclaimer: This is the second book in the series and I have not read the first book, which is probably why I was a bit confused while reading it.

The premise of this story is basically that there are angels living among humans and there is trial being held to decide if the fallen angels who had been sentenced and punished for many generations, deserved forgiveness as well as their hybrid children who cannot die and eventually go insane. The main character, Sam, is the attorney for this case and the way he goes about trying to win this case is really interesting, but I won't say it in this review to avoid any potential spoilers, although I will say that he is personally connected in this case. This book was certainly very much a legal sort of thriller (since people did end up dying) and there was the big case at the end which took place before God's council that was very scripture based, but it didn't feel extremely biblical. Overall, I was a bit lost, since I did not read the first book nor do I know much about the Bible, but it wasn't a bad book.