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Thought-provoking book.

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Nina Browning feels like she has everything. A perfect life, perfect marriage, and perfect son. But it all come crashing down the day after her son, Finch, is accepted to Princeton. His terrible decision changes all their lives.
Finch has been raised among the privileged and never been denied anything. One night, after spending the evening at a party, he takes a compromising picture of an unconscious classmate, Lyla Volpe. The photos spread throughout the community bring attention to both Lyla's father, Nina, and the school administrators.
Tom, Lyla's father, is determined to make Finch pay for what happened to his daughter and sets off on a mission to get justice from the school's Honor Council. Nina's husband, Kirk, has other ideas and tries to use his family money to get Tom to drop the issue and save his son. Nina's uncomfortable with her husband's actions and forges a friendship with Tom and Lyla and sees that her perfect life isn't as perfect as she thought it would be.
Each chapter changes perspectives and gives voice to all of the characters that are going through the situation. Although I enjoyed getting a front seat to all of the character's thinking and rationales, it was Nina's chapters that engaged me the most. Her mama bear instincts to protect her son are at odds with her understanding of Lyla and all that she has been through. All of this boils down to her realization that her husband may not be the man she thought he was. This book was extremely thought-provoking and made me think about what I would do if I was in Nina's situation.