Surprisingly Relevant and Important

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I’ll be honest, I was putting off reading this book for a bit. Emily Griffin was an author I used to read back when reading had become a chore (cough, college...) and I would escape for some mindless entertainment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downplaying this in any way, I’m saying Emily Griffin was a go-to in that department, I just wasn’t quite in that mood for my next read..

I’m not too big to admit when I’m wrong, and I was wrong about this book: it was not just fluff. Following Nina primarily, the wife of Nashivillr elite and millionaire Kirk Browning and mother of Finch who just posted a picture of a prep school scholarship recipient passed out a a party with a racist caption. Now, Finch’s college future is in question and she’s realizing she isn’t quite sure what kind of young man she’s even raising at this point or why she’s even clinging to this life that may be easy, but no longer seems to be worth it. All We Ever Wanted was a painfully realistic look at parenting in a modern day, social media frenzied, everyday life and an authentic peek in to whether money can truly be the answer to all of our “problems”.

I say read this is you are an Emily Griffin fan, and read this is you aren’t, but you want a quick, modern, relevant story about life as a parent during this time of social media and internet “anonymity”. This is Emily Griffin at her best, trust me.