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Emily Griffin did not disappoint with All We Ever Wanted. She takes us on a powerful journey through marriage, motherhood, friendship, teen life, racism, and the negative effect of social media. This book definitely deals with some heavy topics that are going on in today's world right now.

The story is told from three points of view: Nina, Tom, and Lyla (Tom's daughter). I have to say, I loved all three of these characters! First, we have Nina, she is living the dream. She has a wealthy handsome husband, and a son who is going off to Princeton in the Fall. She has it all! Then, we have Tom, he's a lonely single father raising Lyla and working several jobs to pay the bills. Lastly, we have Lyla, she is a stunning teenager who earned a scholarship to Windsor Academy, Nashville’s most prestigious private school. But unfortunately, she doesn't always fit in.

Then, one photo, that was shared on social media, changes their lives forever. In the end, they have to choose between their family and their values.

This was a very powerful and moving read for me. Highly Recommend!