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hanks to the publisher for an ARC to read and give my honest opinion. The cover was usual for this author, but the blurb and sneak peak caught my eye on this one. This author is known for her usually sentimental stories and this one did not disappoint.

This is one of those books that stay with you quite awhile after reading and just warms the heart. Nina and Kirk have had almost twenty years together when there son Finch get's in trouble for taking a picture of a passed out girl with a racial slur tag. Nina and Kirk have different positions on how their son will process this horrible thing which make the ordeal harrowing. Nina has a hard time with her son's behavior calling it an atrocity, she feels partly responsible and feels there lifestyle plays a big part. Kirk feels it's a boy's right of passage, and that all boys do this stuff.

The author does an amazing job of opening up both sides, and what happens to the young girl in the picture. The book takes a good look at the horrors of social media and the damage it can do to young people. I'm not sure if the parents involved helped or hurt the kids involved with their involvement. Layla just seems to want her dad to not intervene and let her handle it. Which after all is said and done is really what should have happened. All we ever wanted is a story of what parents want there children to be, safe, sane, and happy. Four huge stars of entertainment!