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I received a complimentary print copy of this book from the publisher and Bookish First Impressions in exchange for an unbiased review.

A unique story told in 2015 by people living in different realities. Emily Reed is a new graduate from University of Washington law school. She is still angry and resentful since the unexpected death of her parents almost 20 years ago. She was placed with her parents friends Veronica and Colin who remain legal guardians of her inheritance until she is 29 years old. She struggles as it seems there are constant reminders of her parents where she goes. Emily decides to take on a research assignment as a new lawyer at her firm. The solitude of sorting documents seems to be a break from the hustle of the law firm.

Fortunately, Emily has a supportive boyfriend of 2 years, Ryan who works as an architect. The case Emily is given pertains to the state wanting to force historical status on a church building. The caretakers and parishioners feel it is a tremendous burden to financially maintain the historical building. Ironically, she discovers that her parents were married in this very church so her work takes on new meaning.

She discovers some diaries of Elizabet she finds in the basement going through the historical documents. She finds it an odd discovery but feels compelled to read them and the history of that time period. Since she parents death Emily has had complicated relationships and didn’t trust people. Father Michael offers her support and guidance which comforts her during her working days.

It seems that house is still occupied by the ghost of Elizabet who relishes reliving her past through Emily’s diary readings. She has been in the storage room for the past 80 years wiring for her beloved Rupert. He died when she was 47 and still feels his presence at the sanctuary of the church where they said their vows in 1910. Much to her chagrin her unlikely friend from the past Dorothea has been trying to help her move on to the spirit world where she is convinced Rupert is waiting for Elizabet.

Over time, Emily and Elizabet both find resolutions which allow them to move on in their own way. The story is about family, loss, grief and how to find peace. Denying the pain of loss and ignoring the grief does not become easier over the years. The hardest but bravest decision is to ask and receive support and guidance.