Not what I expected.

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This story wasn't what I had expected at all. I was expecting a story told from the point of view of two characters, Emily who's living and Elizabet who's a ghost living in the church where Emily works.

Besides being an avid reader I'm an indie author so I hate to give a bad review but this story was hard to get through. I actually had to DNF it. The story was filled from the very first page with what is referred to as extraneous detail, that is too much said that really didn't add to the story. For example, everything that was going on was stated, information that slowed down the narrative of the story, introducing characters and not telling who they are and how they're relevant to the story until 6 pages later. I was so confused.

I read until I got through the first chapter featuring Elizabet. This chapter was better because it was told from her point of view and it just seemed to flow a little better. There wasn't much extra detail. It stuck to the main narrative and observations of Elizabet.

Since each chapter told us that it was either Emily or Elizabet's POV then why weren't both character's chapters told from first person. The Elizabeth chapter stuck to only what she observed via her senses. If the Emily chapters had been told in first person as well then there would have only been what Emily was observing with her senses as well and the extra details from third person could have been edited out.