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I read this book last year.The story is set in Seattle, a place that i am very familiar with as i had lived there for over 20 years, so I can relate to the constantly gloomy wet weather there. This book is not really a ghost story although there are three friendly spirits interwoven into the storyline. The story is about a young woman, Emily who had been orphaned at a young age.After graduating from law school, she was assigned to an archival project for a church that was in a historic building. It was also the same church in which her parents were married. In the course of her work, she discovered a diary that had belonged to a well-known parishioner, Elizabet from a century ago. As she read the diary, she realized that they had a lot in common, that they both buried their grieves deep in their hearts. This book was a little slow at first but in the end, it is heartening to read about how the life of a dead woman from a century ago helped Emily to face the truth about her feelings over the years since her parents’ tragic accident that killed them both and the feeling of guilt that she had been carrying around. It helped her to finally be able to face her pain and helped her to grieve properly.
Tanya Williams is really good at delving into the heart and the emotions of a character and then weaved a story with a historical background. I enjoyed this book very much.