I liked this one, in spite of it being outside of my normal fare

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I've started downloading chunks of files from each of the older "first look" excerpts of books on Bookish First in an effort to both find new books that I might be interested in and, of course, to be able to get the reward points to get more free books in the future. Now that my old nook died and I've had to dump the files into a nook tablet instead, it automatically populates everything in alphabetical order. As a result, that's what I'm working with because I'm too tired to try to change it.

This one had a rather slow start, without a real hook, but the high attention to detail present within this was enough to keep me engaged in spite of the lack of a strong hook. It seemed rather unpolished, but it did show promise. I figured, after reading the excerpt, that this is one that I would grab at a used bookstore and give it a shot there. I went to look it up, and it turned out to only have a Createspace listing - without ISBN it won't show up in an online used bookstore. That being said, it explains the lack of polish - a lack of professional editing. I'd still give it a shot if I were to find it for cheap, but the only used copies look like people trying to make their money back on it, and I'm not about to pay full price for a used or new copy, so this one will wait for now.