Highly Recommended!

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Thank you to BookishFirst, the publishing company and the author Tanya E. Williams for the advanced readers copy of All That Was.

I would like to start with the beauty of the cover. I love how the cover depicts the 2 main characters in their appropriate time periods. Genius!

This beautiful work of historical fiction follows 2 strong female characters - Emily in 2015 and Elisabet in 1920. Emily, who has recently suffered the loss of her parents is tasked with archiving the history of a local church - the one her parents were married at. Through this process she comes across the diaries belonging to Elisabet. What unfolds is a therapeutic relationship 2 women from 2 different time periods and 2 different states of living. Both Emily and the Elisabet's ghost are able to heal and find peace through this unique spiritual relationship.

I highly recommend this book to any reader who enjoys any of the following plots - strong women characters, historical fiction, ghost stories, time travel, romance, love, sibling relationships.