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Im going to first start rating the cover...I personally love when the cover and the design make sense with the story inside. The old and. The new comin together.

What an amazing story full of great events, from the moment you read the first line this book captivates you completely, its intriguing, emotional. I love how the story of these two woman intertwine and are able to help each other in desperate times even though they live in two different time periods.
It's truly amazing the way the author was able to incorporate the ghost story with the romance and the historical fiction, it was beautifully written.
The passages and quotes were just beautiful the guidence of pastor michael was key in the story, I felt as of he was speaking to me at times. Im so happy I read this book, this is definitely going to be one of those that I'll never forget, one of the best this year.

I'm going to recommend everyone to read this book