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In Seattle in 2015, Emily begins going through and archiving the records and history of a church. Little does she know the connection she holds with this 100 year old building. Elizabet died in 1935, and she’s devastated to find that her beloved husband isn’t waiting for her on the other side, so she stays in the only place she felt him after his passing. The church where they were married. Emily discovers the diaries of Elizabet, and is moved my her words. And learns they have much in common. Soon, she realizes that she loves the old church building, and doesn’t want to see it destroyed. Can they save this beautiful building that holds so much history.
I went into this story thinking it was going to be a lot different. I had ideas about what was going to happen. But I was pleasantly surprised as I read the story and watched these two characters connect. It was a beautifully written book, that had me in tears several times. The pain that both Emily and Elizabet have suffered. It’s a moving story of overcoming grief, and finding ones self. I definitely recommend this book, if you want a good, moving story.