A lot to chew

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There are A LOT of descriptors to chew threw just to get to the story. The time spent describing what an anxious and emotionally bogged up mess the main character is, was enough to make me feel on the verge of a meltdown.

Still, the promise of a good historical fiction, specifically set in Seattle kept me reading. I have a feeling this may be another too angsty to like female lead, like Bella Swan.

This is the kind of book I see myself checking out from the library and glad I didn't buy it. It's a perfect Kindle or airplane read, which is sad. I think ot had the potential to be a truly great read had the characters been handled with more finesse.

The historical aspects of the book are like little morsels of goodness in an other bland cake. The author has a real knack of that aspect of her work and could possibly go the Mary Roach route with her writing.