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A ghost story that isn’t spooky? A ghost story that will warm your heart? A ghost story that digs deep into the past? Are you hooked yet? All That Was is an interesting read about two women that are stuck… in their current situations due to grief. They just happen to be from very different time periods.

Emily has her first assignment from her law firm, cataloging documents from an old church that is possibly going to be torn down. She lost her parents 10 years ago in an accident and when she learns they were married in the same church she is troubled by grief and just tries to ignore it. Elizabet, who passed away in 1935, walks the halls of the church and is stuck there. When Emily finds Elizabet’s diary and realizes that not allowing herself to grieve will be a detriment. Elizabet is there daily and watches Emily! They are bonded and really do learn from each other.

I liked the character Pastor Michael, I felt like he was a breath of fresh air every time he came to see Emily. There was also a sporting cast of Emily’s caretakers after her parents died, her boyfriend Ryan, oh and Dorothea who was good friends with Elizabet. Dorothea was actually based on a real person and lots of the details and location are real! I enjoyed that some of the history in this story was based on actual events!