Fantastic YA

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I’ve been reading a lot of YA this year, but ALL MY RAGE has stuck with me more than others have. The book centers on a lot of heavy topics like abuse, loss of a loved one, alcoholism, and identity, so please check content warnings before picking this one up.

ALL MY RAGE jumps back and forth between past and present, which I love. We get to see the present day from the perspective of Sal and Noor with some Misbah flashbacks sprinkled in. All of these characters were phenomenal, but Misbah’s flashbacks really stuck with me. Her whole storyline felt smaller compared to Sal and Noor’s relationship, but I thought her character was beautifully written. The life that Tahir brought to her characters really made this one stand out to me. Fantastic writing without being overly flowery or complicated. Would definitely recommend to readers young and old, keeping in mind content warnings.