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All My Rage is as heart-wrenching as it is beautiful. Before reading it, there are some trigger warnings readers should be aware of: there is abuse and addiction, as well as, racism and Islamaphobia. This is certainly not an easy read, but it is one that will stay with readers long after they have turned that final page.

This is a multi-generational, realist, family drama. This is a YA novel; however, it transcends that 'box', and readers of all ages should read it. Sabaa Tahir interweaves the present and the past seamlessly, beautifully connecting them through the three perspectives of Noor, Salahuddin, and Misbah.

There are very difficult portions to get through. Salahuddin struggles with his father’s alcoholism and neglect and Noor battles with his controlling and manipulative uncle. But Tahir's writing is so eloquently effortless, compelling the readers to turn that page, not shying away from the realities of life, rather allowing readers to feel wholly for these characters.

Tahir brings readers on a rollercoaster of emotion, showing the unconditional love and sacrifice of a mother to her children amid the heartbreak, the struggle, and reality. There are plenty of books or movies that beat into readers/viewers how one life can affect and change countless others, but All My Rage manages to find a unique voice to this trope.

There is a pure and raw honesty to All My Rage that is not always easy to find. There are no adequate words for this remarkable novel. All I can say is Tahir has done it again and I anxiously await the next masterpiece.