Best book of 2022 by far

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This book shook me to my very core. I am blown away by this book. Everything Sabaa writes she pours her heart and soul into. You can absolutely tell that from this book too. Before anyone reads this book however please note that Sabaa has made it known and warned her readers early that this book contents drug & alcohol addiction, physical abuse, Islamophobia, mentions of repressed sexual assault, tense exchanges with law enforcement and death. I really appericated Sabaa giving us this heads up before the book even came out.
All these things are hard to read about but that is why it is so important to read and talk about. This book will make you THINK. And we need more books like this. That make us think about real things. I can't thank Sabaa Tahir enough for bringing this book into the world.
I highly highly recommend reading this book! You will not regret one bit. This is easily my favorite read of the year! Can't wait to read what Sabaa writes next!!