An Artistic Masterpiece

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First and foremost – Sabaa, thank you so so much for this artistic masterpiece. It’s truly a gift coming from the heart. So when I started reading the story I felt like I was peeking into someone’s secret diary. Someone pouring out to me their personal life experiences and I was thinking to myself, am I worthy of this? Is this OK? I mean, from the start, this was clearly something special. Also, from the onset, you know that Sabaa is not taking you into fantasy worlds with mystical creatures where magic will cure nearly anything. By somewhere around the last 125 pages, where it all comes down to a boiling point, the book is a straight read through well into the early morning (i.e., I simply could not put the book down). The story is Reality 101 about being viewed differently just because your heritage is different from the majority of the people living in your community. It is a hard life in the Mohave Desert and the themes are gut wrenching. Some of the topics in this book are not for the faint of heart. But the story is most certainly for anyone who has a good heart and a soul to read it. I thought in the beginning that maybe this was going to be autobiographical in nature but as I read on, and the characters spirits were being severely tested to their limits, I was saying, dear Lord please let a good part of this story be fictional because I could not wish any of what I read upon anyone. But whether true or representative in the form of fictional characters, this was an in your face look at someone’s life that we otherwise would not have been aware of. Many a reader may come away with a better understanding and appreciation as well as feeling fortunate about their own personal lives.