Hooked right away

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I love a book that starts at the end.
I get excited and curious to experience everything leading up to it. This read had me hooked right away.

Laura includes beautiful, vivid detail that make her childhood memories come to life. Even in this short excerpt, there is clear depiction of a sweetness in their family dynamic and of the dedication her father had for his children. Already one can sense the depth of his love, and yet, sense the mystery of the unspoken.

Knowing what is revealed right from the start, every interaction carries with it an additional dimension that keeps us intrigued and curious about how this man managed to be a loving husband and father and yet harbor a truth that must have been torturous to retain.

I look forward to reading more of Laura’s narrative, describing the family’s experiences and understanding how her father shaped her as she grew up in his tender care. Then to discover how his secret impacted her life, and the lives of her mother and siblings and finally how her father managed his hidden sexuality and the love for his family.

The cover perfectly depicts the setting and theme.