Two words: Social Eugenics

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Whew boy y’all. To be succinct: ‘social eugenics’

The book is a bit of Pretty Little Liars, a bit of Gossip Girl with a big ol swirl of racism and dastardly plans to ruin promising black youth.

The depth of the deceit is intense!

The story centers around Chiamaka (a biracial girl from a well to do family) and Devon (a black boy from a rough neighborhood and poor family) and their prestigious private school.

Chiamaka is in the top social circle and feels like she's on the path to all her dreams...Yale, medical school and becoming a doctor. Devon has dreams of attending Julliard and making music his life.

Then all of a sudden school wide texts begin going out sharing extremely personal and incriminating information about them. At first they're confused about who could have a personal vendetta against both of them.

While trying to catch Aces (the sender) in the act, they discover it goes much, much deeper.