So Many Twists and Strong Characters

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Devon is a talented musician, which I appreciated because I don't think we see enough of those in books. Chiamaka is a strong-willed head girl. Both main characters have one thing in common: they are black and face racism in their school. An anonymous threat comes to them both, known only as Ace, and they band they need to stop the secrets Ace would leak or risk losing everything they've had to fight to get.

There were some heavy topics in this book: racism, homophobia. But I felt like they were handled really well and gave the reader a deep perspective what it's like to live life outside of the majority.

Chiamaka is such a strong character that I couldn't help but love her from the first page. She's unapologetic and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Devon, on the other hand, is quiet and sweet and has my heart because he's so kind and pure. They juxtapose each other so well as they come together to fight Ace. I loved the writing, and I'm almost sad that the book is over.