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I really couldn't put this book down at all. It kept me pulled into it and I already started to reccomed the book to. But anyways man this book was a really good book to read. Five star book. Cover for into what it was about. Still am blown away by how this book ended like wow just wow. I highly recommend others to read this book you wouldn't get a disappointed. Part of me feels like this can actually be turned a series because it had so so so so much to give. I'm already taking people about this book because hell I can't help it. Kept me on the edge of my sit. Loved it so much.
Im planning on rereading the book later on this year. And I'm gonna tell my mother in law about it to I think she would like it. But then again I have a list of people who may actually really like this book. And may reccomed it to others after they read because this book was a pain in the butt to put down it was that good