I loved it!!

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Chiamaka and Devon are in their senior year at Niveus Private Academy. As if applying to college isn’t stressful enough, an anonymous persona called Aces begins texting the entire student body to reveal their damaging secrets. Their futures are on the line and Aces seems determined to stack the deck completely against them.

I loved this book so much! I already had a feeling I would before starting since I gravitate toward dark academia, but ACE OF SPADES is a beyond impressive YA suspense/thriller.

It’s told through the altering perspectives of Chiamaka and Devon. Both of them have very distinct voices and characterizations that made both points of view compelling. The suspenseful element of the book is also established very early on, the anticipation building and building until the author delivers on reveals and twists. Halfway through, I reached a point when I didn’t want to put the book down, and my heart was beating so fast!

Both main characters are Black and part of the LGBTQ+ community, so the struggles associated with their identities are explored throughout the novel as well. However, the relationships that develop offer some levity to the heavy topics the author addresses and are lovely to read about.

Also, the comparison of this book to Get Out is SPOT. ON. The eerie vibes of that movie are most definitely present in this book.

Ultimately, I HIGHLY recommend ACE OF SPADES to anyone who’s a fan of dark academia, suspense, thrillers, and/or YA. It’s SO good.