Honestly a little disappointing :(

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-Slight Spoiler Warning-

Ace Of Spades follows our main characters Chiamaka Adebayo and Devon Richards, as they try to stop an anonymous bully at their school who is spreading their secrets. Chiamaka is the queen of Niveus Private Academy. She gets great grades, is thought well of, and has been the Head Prefect every year since sophomore year. Devon is pretty much the opposite. He got a scholarship to the school and is super in the background of the school, so it's a total shock when he becomes a prefect, his and Chiamaka's Senior year. The only similarity between Chiamaka and Devon is that they are the only black students at Niveus.

I had very high expectations of this book. The cover is gorgeous and the idea is great. I actually really liked this book until it started towards the end. I mostly cared about the relationships of the characters. I'm not even a romance-type person, but I honestly thought the rumors were kind of boring. The plot twist was a tiny bit surprising (mostly just the details), but I feel like the book really started to kind of fall apart at the end. I didn't care about what has happened and things kind of just happened. I couldn't tell you for the life of me what the ending was about. Although I've said quite a few negative things, I adored the characters. I especially loved Chiamaka and Belle's relationship. I kept thinking that they liked each other and got very invested. I also like Devon's character although (while only a few times) he got a little annoying.

Overall, I'd give Ace Of Spades, a 3 out of 5 stars. It wasn't bad by any means, but it got pretty boring and predictable.