Fantastic in every way!

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I was itching for a good YA mystery and Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé served me one. Frankly speaking, when I first started this book, my exact thoughts were: "ah, not another highschool drama with mean girls". But as I kept reading, I realized it was much much more than that. Ace of Spades turned out to be such a powerful and enlightening book. Dealing with topics of racism, peer pressure and com petition, this book is unputdownable. I had so many theories about who could be the actual Aces (the anonymous texter ruining the lives of two black students at Niveus Private Academy: Chiamaka & Devon) and when it was all revealed, I was left dumbfounded because Àbíké-Íyímídé made such flawless connections that everything just made sense.

Ace of Spades creates this ambiance that makes you feel like a part of Niveus, witnessing all the traumas and conspiracies. Brownie points for Chiamaka's character, which I absolutely loved even though her plans were mostly unsuccessful. The author portrayed her in such a graceful and confident way that one cannot help but admire her.

I highly recommend everyone to pick this up!