Crazy wild ride

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Devon and Chiamaka are seniors at an elite private school and Ivy League bound. When an anonymous texter known as “Aces” begins targeting them, it could affect their futures. Is this an act of racism, as they are the only two black students, or something else.

So the first half was kind of a typical young adult book with lots of representation, and then all the sudden it turned into a crazy, wild ride! I’m sure you’ve heard the comparisons to Get Out meets Gossip Girl and it’s totally true. There were a few things that I have still questions on but I think that speaks more to my reading comprehension than the book itself!

“High school is like a kingdom, only instead of temperamental Royals, golden thrones, and designer outfits flown in from Europe - the hallways are filled with loud post-pubescent teens, the classroom with rows of wooden desks and students dressed in ugly plaid skirts, nasty colored slacks and stiff blue blazers. In this kingdom, the queen doesn’t inherit the crown. To get to the top, she destroys whoever she needs to.”