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I would HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone who reads. Literally, this book is so good and it really needs to be shared!

First, the setting of this book is gorgeous! We start at an elite school where the year is wrapping up and the senior class has to begin their projects. The world-building here is gorgeous and really lends a lot of the overall feel of the story. I loved this setting so much!! Eventually, someone starts to send strange text messages but a secret code name. These messages begin to reveal secrets that are very confidential and threaten the order of things. This prank seems to be something that will not end and so to help those being affected, Chiamaka and Devon decide to try to find a way to stop the rogue Aces from sending more messages and causing more chaos before something worse happens.

I loved the action in this story and how it kept me on the edge of my seat; I literally did not want to stop reading because this story is so good!