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I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH AND I WILL NEVER STOP RECOMMENDING IT TO EVERYONE. Everything about this book was so good, from the characters, to the setting, to the story line, EVERYTHING. Not only was this a great book because we are able to peek into the life of 2 black students among privileged white students and see the adversities they face, but also because of the overall message this book presents. The second i picked this book up I couldn't put it down, as a poc who grew up in a similar situation to the main characters i could relate to a lot of their struggles, and overall i felt seen. Not only is a book like this rare because it doesn't depict white people in an amazing light the way most media does, but also because its told by two black students struggling with their sexuality. For people of color the topic of sexuality is mostly off limits, so a book that speaks freely on the topic is amazing and i could see this book helping many young persons who struggle to see themselves represented!!