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This story was a stunner. Sometimes I prepare myself to be in a certain frame of mind when I read Young Adult books, but it was not necessary in this case. It took me back to my own teenage years, but with a writing and subject matter that is highly appreciated as an adult.

Our two main characters, who are Black, are in an environment where all they want is to benefit from the advantages given to the white students on a daily basis. The micro-aggressions along with the obvious attacks of racism are part of what makes this book a page turner.

I was halfway through and felt a 5 star ahead of me and figured that only a rushed or juvenile ending could ruin it. However, I did not get either of those scenarious.

This may be a story that takes place in a private high school setting, but the events that took place could happen anywhere. And when you are a person of color, you know that and it makes it that much more hard hitting.