A thriller that illuminates our broken society

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"The world isn’t ideal. This world, our world, the one with houses as crooked as the people in them. Broken people, broken by the way the world works."

This story was attention grabbing, gut wrenching, and just an overall wild ride. Ace of Spades tells the story of two students at Nivius Academy, Chiamaka and Devon and how they become targets of an anonymous cyberbully, Aces. But this story has so much more to offer than just a Gossip Girly + Get Out feel.
Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé sheds light on the screwed up systems that govern our society within an elitist prep school, and how these impact both Chiamaka and Devon. We see how racism and homophobia still runs rampant within the setting of an elitist prep school in America. My heart ached and gut clenched so many times in response to what Chiamaka and Devon experienced. I felt angry. I wanted justice for them. And I actually hoped Nivius Academy burned to the ground towards the end of this. 

That being said, this story gripped me from start to finish. Not only did I want to know who Aces was, but I wanted Chi and Devon to have the happy ending they deserved. Because these two kids busted ass to be the top of their class and they overcame other obstacles along the way. It seemed supremely unfair that this cyber bully had the power to take it all away from them. 

Ace of Spades is definitely a dark academia thriller that gets your heart pounding while also making you think about the heavy topics listed above and how they impact those who don't hold a privileged status. The author did a great job at weaving those elements into the plot of the story so that it felt impactful to readers (not that they owe us that, but I felt greatly impacted by everything she did). I look forward to reading more of Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé's works because I think she's really talented!