A Private School Thriller with LGBTQA rep

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Chiamaka and Devon are the only two Black students at Niveus Private Academy, and they barely know each other. But when both begin to be targeted by 'Aces, an anonymous texter who's revealing their most private secrets to their fellow students and framing them for other things, they team up to find out who's trying to take them down and ruin their chances of getting into their dream college.

Chiamaka's wealthy, biracial and torn between two worlds, while as a scholarship student, Devon goes home to a neighborhood filled with drugs and violence. Each thought they knew their own personal rules of survival, until Aces begins to rip apart their carefully constructed image.

This thriller is dark. One student is publicly outed by Aces before they're ready to be out, and both students suffer emotional and sometimes even physical abuse as a result of Ace's actions. But both are determined to fight back.