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The bar for this book was very high. I am aware that that is not fair to Leslie Rule, but I am not sure how she couldn't be compared to her famous, true-crime writing, mother Ann Rule.

A Tangled Web tells the true crime story of Cari Lea Farver. Cari vanished from Omaha, Nebraska in 2012. At first it appeared that she had just taken off, but her family, friends, and co-workers were very skeptical. Her boyfriend, Dave Kroupa, had received a text that it was over and since it was a new relationship, he believed it.
Cari's mother, Nancy, on the other hand did not believe that she had taken off.

After digging through and sorting through thousands of emails and texts sent from Cari after she disappeared, the police start to discover that there is a sociopath in their midst. Technology really is amazing and nothing is ever really gone.

Leslie Rule enters the true crime genre successfully and without missing a beat.