A good true crime book

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I love true crime. I am an avid listener to true crime podcasts. I was very much looking forward to this book. It did not disappoint. What a crazy story of obsession, jealousy and then murder. It is scary what can happen with social media if one is not careful. You never know who you are communicating with. It could be anybody. It could happen to any of us. The killer was able to fool law enforcement for years (pretending to be her victim online for 3 years!). The killer sent over 20,000 e-mails to Dave, the girls he has dated, the victims family and friends. Some seemed to catch on and were suspicious but Dave seemed to never believe I guess. Thankfully, this killer was figured out and brought to justice thanks to the dedicated detectives on this case. I am glad the family was able to get justice for their daughter. The book was well written and I enjoyed it.