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A Fresh New Voice

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This may be sacrilegious of me to say but I think I may like Leslie more than her mother. I have nothing against Ann Rule, of course, but Leslie's style suits me more. I thoroughly enjoy the way she writes and the brisk pace she keeps up as she relays the events. She manages to provide context and exposition without getting lost in the weeds doing so, so that I can form an idea of the time and place, but without losing sight of the main narrative. This is a hard line to toe for true-crime authors, and she thus far is able to navigate it brilliantly. I prefer my true-crime to come from a place of clinical objectivity while also humanizing the people and events so that i don't feel as though I am reading nothing more than an official report, and Leslie Rule really hits it precisely on the head for me in this regard. My only complaint is that the first chapter feels a little clunky and like it is trying too hard to start the story with a dramatic bang, but it's quickly rectified in the following passages. Overall it is a near-perfect missive that I am exceedingly eager to finish.