Very Edgy and Different

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This book gives me #BLM vibes and I love what Marcus Winters has done for the teen in Holloway. The whole town has been completely taken advantage of by the rich and Winters is a veteran community organizer who was hired to do a gardening program. However, he does more than than and the project helps the young black youth organize to take on RandellCorp a company that has been caught dumping toxic waste all around their neighborhood. According to the FBI this group of teen in Red, Black, and Green as Black extremists teens and Agent Yolanda Vance is chosen to go spy on them. Being in the FBI was never her first job choice and she only had been working for the FBI because her law firm was convicted of fraud and she didn't cover for them so she became unemployable in corporate law. Yolanda Vance is not looking forward to this challenge and even asks why her agency is sending her to the ghetto...Yolanda might have been almost broke before the FBI hired her, but she is def still privileged.