A Great Thriller/Mystery

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When the law firm Yolanda works at attempts to make her complicit in covering up their fraudulence, she decides instead to become a whistleblower and take a job with the FBI. Although she wants to be an attorney, she is sent to California to act as a spy on a Black "extremist" group that is actually trying to help the local marginalized community suffering from unemployment and pollution side effects from a nearby corporation. This experience ultimately pushes Yolanda to confront her blinded views about the struggles of those within her race and the ways the FBI has actively worked against progressive initiatives.

A SPY IN THE STRUGGLE was a fairly enjoyable read! I found the topics of race, climate change, and corporate practices to all be very interesting and valuable to the overall plot. Unfortunately, however, I would have liked more articulation of the emotional stakes and changes Yolanda experienced, especially in monumental moments. The focus seemed to be primarily on the plot, but I think it would have allowed me to sympathize with and root for Yolanda more throughout. There were also several slow portions in the book that dragged while the ending and associated conflicts were resolved far too quickly.

Although I had some issues with A SPY IN THE STRUGGLE, I still found it to be an intriguing story about a some admirable Black characters grappling with current issues, an engaging mystery, and a bit of romance.